Treatment sessions

Treatment room

Initial Consultation

The first appointment, which takes approximately 90 minutes, consists of a full diagnosis and an initial treatment.

During this time we will discuss details of your main complaint and I will ask questions about your sleep, diet and general physical health. Since acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine I will ask questions about your medical/personal history and your current lifestyle.


I will also look at your tongue and feel your pulses which provide a good indication of your underlying health.

I may carry out a structural examination depending upon the nature of your complaint.

I will then use all this information to make a diagnosis and to formulate a treatment plan for you.


Subsequent Treatments

I allow up to an hour for subsequent treatments, which may initially take place weekly.

As a general rule I advise a course of at least five or six treatments. However, it is extremely difficult to predict how many sessions may be needed as each individual case is different. Some people notice significant improvements after just a couple of sessions whereas others may need to continue with treatments for longer. Either way we will discuss your progress since the previous session and agree a treatment plan regarding the number and frequency of future treatments.

During the treatment you may be lying or semi-reclined on a comfortable couch as the needles are being inserted. I will take your pulses at certain points during the treatment which helps me to monitor the effect of the needles.

Following the treatment you may feel very relaxed even drowsy or quite energised. For some conditions clients feel an immediate improvement and in other cases the impact of the treatment is more subtle.

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